The city were it all started….

forgive me if my humble camera skills aren’t up to par

                     Before I delve into Shanghai, I just though I’d mention the airline really quickly. Air China had pretty consistently good service throughout our travels, and gave me my first taste of duck. I admit, it’s pretty good.


We kinda had a rough start. Long story short, our plane was delayed, and the tour company (which will get a post to itself later) thought that we had stayed over night in Beijing. So when we finally got to the hotel past midnight (even the driver got confused on where it was) the attendant told us he had no idea of a reservation made for us and so on. Many hours, arguments, and calls to the tour operators later we finally get things straightened out the next day. So our first stop in Shanghai was the Shanghai Historical Museum:


While waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, our tour guide took us to the Shanghai History Museum.The museum was pretty big with four floors dedicated to their history of weapons, clothing, ceramics, calligraphy, etc. It’s worth checking out especially if you’re a historical buff.


  Next we headed to the Yu(yuan) gardens. The 5 acre garden contains lots of beautiful scenery, architecture interestingly shaped rocks and those orange fishies (Koi I think, but I could be wrong)! I think this would be a wonderful place to unwind when there aren’t many tourists around. Close by is the market/bazaar where you can do some shopping and get all your souvenirs (and be possibly bombarded by knock-off designer bag pushers).

Before leaving for the Yangtze (or Chang Jiang to be correct) river cruise, we also made a stop at a silk factory, the The Bund waterfront area (see first pic) and East/West Nanjing Road, the famous shopping road where there’s something for everybody (Good place to go shopping, although west is more expensive stuff). I should have started at the east because my folks were not wanting to stay out late!

All in All Shanghai reminded me of a Chinese New York, almost. The hotel we stayed at was a Holiday Inn near the downtown area and although it’s standard quality in western tastes, the rooms and beds are small. English was spoken by a few attendants but you’re gonna need patience. I will tell you that breakfast was good, but you’re going to get the same thing over and over. For the understanding traveler it works out great, but if you’re picky, have a big family, or just want a lot of space, you might wanna look elsewhere.

Stay tuned for my review of the Yangtze River Cruise (Yichang to Chongqing)…