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Since I don’t quite have all the funds that I’d like, I spend quite some time looking for travel deals across the web. I have a couple sites in my favorites, but today I thought I’d share the deal that’s going on with Southwest. Until this thursday, they have an anniversary sale on all their flights from  $40, $80, $120 one way fares depending on where you live in the States and some cities in Mexico (I think), but remember you got until Thursday to book!

For those outside the US, Travel Zoo usually has some good international deals as well! Never know what you’ll fnd!


Pic I took some years ago in Times Square.

Since I’m fairly a newcomer at this, I’d like to share how I became the travel addict that I am today :). My dad always took us on trips throughout our lives: Niagra Falls in NY/Canada (several times), Disneyland in Florida, family get-togethers in Alabama, Chicago, and Georgia (very fuzzy memory of GA, I was a wee little creature then), Pow Wow and the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, and so on. It was something that I thought was just what families do, until the year following my high school graduation…

I was always a little aprehensive about going alone on trips and the possibilities of danger I would face, but I decided to go on a roadtrip to NJ/NYC for the first time with a friend.We took turns driving, got there, and even got lost one time in NYC, and even though getting lost in busy NYC was the most stressful part, we got through it no problem. And that was the beginning of my love affair with traveling. I no longer needed my folks to direct me, I was able to get through everything on my own and in NYC (it is a big deal when you come from a more rural setting)! My philosophy has become this: If you get lost, go back to the city center and reroute, if not just stay calm and find help, you can and will always find your way back if you keep your witts about you. Since then I’ve been planning my next trips each year for me or the family.

I’m sure everyone is aware of the kind of things young people get into and what has happened to many young people traveling far from home or abroad. My thoughts as a young person is just have fun but be responsible if you’re going to travel far. You don’t want to have the company of irresponsible people with you. Surely you don’t want things following you back home that will shame you and your family. But nowadays people see it as just having so I don’t know about this world child…

Anyways here’s two pretty cool sites to find great travel deals here and here!!! Enjoy!!