Oh boy….

So the Nuclear Crisis IS a lot worse than they had “predicted”. I’ve been reading a couple of articles for a while concerning the situation with the nuclear plants in fukushima, because I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, especially Tokyo but now, I think I might wait a while. I’m still young anyways….

Thx! infoplease

 Japanese authorities are saying that the fuel rods may have not only melted, but also melted through parts of their containment vessels as well. Ugh. So now all that radioactive waste could very well spread throughout Japan and surrounding waters. Here’s one article from Guardian UK here on the subject.

Now I’m not trying to be pessimistic and I WILL definitely go to Japan one day but this is scary stuff. Japan has suffered a major tourist plummet and I’m sure you can find excellent deals right about now, but do you think it’s worth it?