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        Yes, the Yangtze river cruise. We embarked Victoria Cruise ship Selina from Yichang to Chongqing (almost). The boat  wasn’t exactly 5 star looking but it wasn’t too old and decent-sized for the number of passengers expected on board. The rooms we just enough (especially since I had my own room hehe) and had their own balconies. I had to keep in mind that this was a river cruise not one of those bigger cruise ships at times though as I was looking at the food choices which were modest but sufficient enough.

Like at the hotel we stayed at in Shanghai, some things we served constantly each day in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner sometimes so you pretty much acquired a taste for rice, fried noodles, steamed buns,and some sort of steamed or fried vegetable combo but if you like chicken, beef, pork, or fish with your meal then you would’ve been content with how they prepared it for lunch and dinner. The ship consisted of mostly Chinese, French (Canadians), UK and American tourists.
 One of the three excursions we got to participate in was the Three Gorges Dam, which was pretty dam big (Get it?! dam?…’cause it’s a…ok I’m sorry.). Boy I was not prepared for the persistence and aggressiveness of the vendors along the dock (and the same lady made sure to be there and picked me out EXACTLY when our bus returned close to the dock, they don’t play).

Sorry, it was raining and I was on the move

Next was the Daning River ferry boat ride through the lesser gorges, where our guide pointed out a “hanging coffin”  to us (they are coffins up high on the edge of caves in the gorges/mountains, how those people got up there to do that they still haven’t figured it out) and a sampan ride on the Ma Du River to the mini gorges. The sampan ride was my favorite as you could really get the feel of the scenery and up close view through the gorges. There were small waterfalls and the water itself was a lot fresher looking than the Yangtze water itself. Someone said they spotted a monkey but I didn’t see it…:(.

     Lastly, was Fengdu, or “Ghost City”. Stories of monsters, torments, and the like painted the city. The area around the temple was pretty but some of those depictions of what happened to bad folks in the other realm was kind of creepy, to say the least.

***Warning: graphic photo ahead…

It forever rained during our stops


Overall I enjoyed the cruise,except for one part: The dock at Chongqing was flooded and the other passengers to board next were stranded over night so we had to cut our cruise short and we were herded off that night by bus to Chongqing, which took 3 and 1/2 hours. But what upset me the most is that they had “hired”(and I use that term VERY lightly) locals to carry up luggage back and forth from the ship to the buses, going up lots of steps by tying the luggage to, wait for it…LARGE STICKS!!! What kind of crap is that?! Victoria cruises needed to stop being cheap and provide a better way of transit than that instead of exploiting those people. I would’ve carried my own bag if I had of known ahead of time what they were gonna do! Needless to say my tips went to the locals.

Stay tuned for my review of Xi’an, home of the Terra Cotta Warriors!!!


China in Review: Shanghai

The city were it all started….

forgive me if my humble camera skills aren’t up to par

                     Before I delve into Shanghai, I just though I’d mention the airline really quickly. Air China had pretty consistently good service throughout our travels, and gave me my first taste of duck. I admit, it’s pretty good.


We kinda had a rough start. Long story short, our plane was delayed, and the tour company (which will get a post to itself later) thought that we had stayed over night in Beijing. So when we finally got to the hotel past midnight (even the driver got confused on where it was) the attendant told us he had no idea of a reservation made for us and so on. Many hours, arguments, and calls to the tour operators later we finally get things straightened out the next day. So our first stop in Shanghai was the Shanghai Historical Museum:


While waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, our tour guide took us to the Shanghai History Museum.The museum was pretty big with four floors dedicated to their history of weapons, clothing, ceramics, calligraphy, etc. It’s worth checking out especially if you’re a historical buff.


  Next we headed to the Yu(yuan) gardens. The 5 acre garden contains lots of beautiful scenery, architecture interestingly shaped rocks and those orange fishies (Koi I think, but I could be wrong)! I think this would be a wonderful place to unwind when there aren’t many tourists around. Close by is the market/bazaar where you can do some shopping and get all your souvenirs (and be possibly bombarded by knock-off designer bag pushers).

Before leaving for the Yangtze (or Chang Jiang to be correct) river cruise, we also made a stop at a silk factory, the The Bund waterfront area (see first pic) and East/West Nanjing Road, the famous shopping road where there’s something for everybody (Good place to go shopping, although west is more expensive stuff). I should have started at the east because my folks were not wanting to stay out late!

All in All Shanghai reminded me of a Chinese New York, almost. The hotel we stayed at was a Holiday Inn near the downtown area and although it’s standard quality in western tastes, the rooms and beds are small. English was spoken by a few attendants but you’re gonna need patience. I will tell you that breakfast was good, but you’re going to get the same thing over and over. For the understanding traveler it works out great, but if you’re picky, have a big family, or just want a lot of space, you might wanna look elsewhere.

Stay tuned for my review of the Yangtze River Cruise (Yichang to Chongqing)…

China in Review: Prelude

Boy, I tell you it went by quick!!!!

So much happened in those 2 weeks, and although there were some rough patches here and there (mainly due to the travel company we used, but I’ll get into detail about that later) , it was a great trip to China. Still suffering from jet lag, a cold, and playing catch up in school work, I have decided to break it down into reviews by the cities, cruise, and tour company we used followed by my overall impression spread out over the next few weeks. For now, enjoy this pic of this man on a bike in Shanghai til I get my thoughts together!!

One More Week Til China!!!!!


Only one week left til the big trip to China!!


         I know I’m not on here much due to school and work, but believe you me, there will be updates!!!!

   I can’t begin to tell you how excited, and nervous, I am about this trip coming up. Unlike when I was in Spain and could speak the language, I am a Chinese language newbie and know a few things about the culture, but not a lot. One thing I do know is that things are pretty strict as far as things you can and cannot do/have while in China, so I’m dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s with information I’ve found from various sources, including my favorite Independent Traveler.

Now I won’t get into details about everything during the trip (gotta relax, you know) but I will give an in-depth review of the tour company we used, sights, sound, and cultures of the various cities I’ll be in throughout my trip. Of course I’ll include pics and videos, but also music and possible art I’ve found or drawn that reminds me of anything significant to me, because as funny as this may sound I associate a lot of places with music as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’ll throw in my two cents about the city of Los Angeles and some must-do’s like  places to visit/shop/etc with only a few days to spare in the City of Angels.

Anything I really should know about before I go? Any must see/do’s in China (Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing to be exact) and Los Angeles?? Let me know!!

Music: Sade In Concert!!

I absolutely love her….

Her voice is still as smooth as it was over 10 years ago. For those of you who do not know who Sade (pronounced char-day) is a British Nigerian jazz/RnB singer. I highly recommend you give her a listen. Her concert on Sunday was better than I expected: it had a nice mix of background work/art with her singing, nothing gaudy but very classy! No gimmicks, just pure talent! John Legend was pretty good too! I didn’t bring my phone along but here’s some videos I found of her concert:

Cherish the Day
Love is Found

And So…

Hello everyone!!

Since I’ve been working, returning to school and taking sewing classes, I’ve had little time to update. For the time being, I’ll probably add some tidbits here and there ever so often. It may every week or every two weeks, it just really depends on my workload. Until then look at these gorgeous shoes by Alexander McQueen I found at Trend Hunter!!

*sigh* I heart McQueen..

Since I don’t quite have all the funds that I’d like, I spend quite some time looking for travel deals across the web. I have a couple sites in my favorites, but today I thought I’d share the deal that’s going on with Southwest. Until this thursday, they have an anniversary sale on all their flights from  $40, $80, $120 one way fares depending on where you live in the States and some cities in Mexico (I think), but remember you got until Thursday to book!

For those outside the US, Travel Zoo usually has some good international deals as well! Never know what you’ll fnd!

Things have been quite stressful for me lately, most recently the passing of my grandfather yesterday afternoon. So I dedicate this Music Monday to him…I know how much he loved James Brown and I know he’d be tapping and singing along…

I wish I could’ve been there to say goodbye and how much I loved you. R.I.P. grandpa….
So I’ve been searching around for new art and artists, and I have to say that  Trend Hunter has been my favorite place to discover all things new and trending in the art world. Today I wanted to share with you two works of photography I’ve found on their site by Gabriel Wickbold:

Trendhunter via

Trend Hunter via

I took a peek through the 25 year old Brazilian photographer’s works and I’m thoroughly impressed. I find his work to be very bold and some what sensual. I love how you get the full strength of color and definition throughout his pictures!!! I’ll probably be sharing my finds a lot on thursdays but in the meanwhile, learn more about the artist (and perhaps a lil portuguese) at his web site gabrielwickbold.carbonmade.

Another country that I wanted to visit is also having some rioting…..

Here’s a clip of what’s going on over there.

Apparently there has been riots in Athens over the austerity cuts they’re looking to pass by the end of the month. They’re looking to 6.5 million euros in tax rises, tax rises, spending cuts and more tax rises. Also there’s gonna be a big cut in the work force as well. Things aren’t looking good, and really this is gonna affect the world economy, each country’s economy is tied to one another and here in America, we better start taking note….